Country Garden Bromeliads

"Growing Quality Bromeliads Since 2003"

Bromeliads are easy to care for and are very low maintenance plants.  They require very little water and soil.  Most bromeliads grow wild throughout the rainforests of Central and South America in trees as epiphytes.  They absorb most of their nutrition through their leaves and water tanks.  They require water just once per week.  We recommend watering through their water tanks and allowing the water to drain through the roots.  

Although not necessary, foliar feeding at a reduced rate of 1/4  of a 20-20-20 soluble fertilizer will help keep your plants leaves looking shiny and healthy.  Ensure there is no copper in any chemicals applied to bromeliads.  Copper will cause foliar damage to all bromeliads. Granular fertilizers such as 14-14-14 slow release can also be applied as a top dressing on soil.  1 tablespoon per 6" plant is a good recommended rate.  

Bromeliads have few pest issues.  Unlike other tropicals plants, pest treatments are not usually required.  In humid landscape conditions, occasional snail bait application may be required.  Drainage is key in maintaining a healthy fungus free bromeliad. A light Canadian peat mix with perlite is recommended when repotting plants. For additional information about bromeliads, go to fcbs.org